Community Parks

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The City’s recreation needs and population continue to rise, leading sports facilities to consistently reach capacity. The need for additional facilities in the City was first identified in the 2005 Parks Master Plan, and the Hickory Slough dual site detention and sportsplex was funded in the 2007 Bond Program.

The Sportsplex boasts:

  • 6 sports fields (3 lighted)
  • 153-acre feet detention pond
  • parking to accommodate more than 400 vehicles
  • landscaped promenade and viewing deck
  • concessions, large shade canopy and restroom facilities

The $7.9 million Capital Improvement Program project was made possible with combined funding from local organizations and developers. MHI Partnership Ltd., a private land developer, contributed 50 percent of the design and construction costs for the Hughes Ranch Road extension, between Max Road and Stone Road, as well as donating adjacent land for the water detention facility. The $600,000 road extension provides access to residential neighborhoods and the Sportsplex.

Brazoria County Drainage District #4 contributed $2 million to co-fund the regional detention pond, which provides detention for the adjacent subdivisions and general floodplain improvements. In 2014, the Pearland Economic Development Corporation contributed $700,000 to make up for a funding shortfall due to rising construction costs. Read more about the facility at 

Hours of Operation: User groups only

Park rules and regulations are posted onsite and published online in the Code of Ordinances.

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