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City of Pearland releases report highlighting City benchmarks

Post Date:03/08/2017 9:56 a.m.

City AerialToday, the City of Pearland releases the City's 2016 benchmarking study. The benchmarking study compares the City of Pearland with several cities across the state of Texas and the United States. It is a competitive benchmarking study designed to evaluate Pearland’s position among similar “leading” cities in the region and across the nation. These cities closely replicate where Pearland is today or where it expects and would like to be in the future, cities that are similar in geographic proximity to the principal city of a major metropolitan area and that share quantifiable characteristics in terms of demographic, social, economic, and housing factors. 

Benchmarking is a useful tool for understanding both what a city does well and where it needs improvement, as well as the key factors in the success of other comparable cities. It can be a source of ideas adaptable to the benchmarked city and, when repeated every few years, a gauge of change and progress. Nine cities in 5 different states were selected for comparison.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • The City is ethnically diverse; Pearland contains significant shares of each of the country’s four largest ethnic groups and has the largest share of Black or African American population among the compared cities. Pearland ranks as the most diverse city on this list, according to the diversity index calculation. The diversity index is the calculated probability that any two randomly chosen people in a city will be of a different ethnicity.
  • Pearland has the sixth smallest share of multifamily housing among the cities. Pearland’s owner-occupied housing is quite affordable, ranking as the second least expensive by median value.
  • Pearland ranks sixth in total taxable value of real property. It should be noted that other states and cities may define and assess taxable values differently than Texas and Pearland. Olathe, Kansas, for instance, taxes only a percentage of the market value of property within its limits. Pearland’s commercial-residential split of property values, at 21%, is comparable to that of most of the comparison cities, with the exceptions of Olathe, Franklin, Frisco, Goodyear, Cary and League City.

The report provides greater insight into Pearland, equipping the City with a valuable planning tool as Pearland forges forward. View the complete report.


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