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How to stay safe in alligator country

City encourages residents to be watchful and use caution

Post Date:04/19/2017 2:00 p.m.

Alligators have inhabited Texas’ marshes, swamps, rivers, ponds and lakes for years across the state and in the Pearland area. They are an important part of Texas’ natural history, as well as an integral component of freshwater ecosystems.

As Texas residents expand their homes and businesses, encounters between these normally shy reptiles and people are increasing. Additionally, periods of extreme weather conditions, such as drought or heavy rains, can prompt alligators to roam in urban areas in search of new, more ideal living conditions. Pearland residents should be watchful of alligators, snakes and other wildlife along the City’s natural waterways, near hiking trails and in community parks.

Residents should follow posted signage and abide by these alligator guidelines: 

  • Leave alligators alone. State law prohibits killing, harassing or possessing alligators.
  • Never feed or entice alligators, it is dangerous and illegal.
  •  Alligators are most active between dusk and dawn when they are feeding. Therefore, swim only during the daylight hours.
  • Don’t allow pets to swim, exercise or drink in or near water that may contain alligators. Dogs are more susceptible to being targeted by an alligator than people because they resemble natural prey. Keep your pets on a leash and in control when walking around the water.
  • If you hear and alligator hiss, it is a warning that you are too close.

To report a nuisance alligator, residents should contact their local Texas Parks and Wildlife Division game warden at 281.842.8100. Residents may also contact City of Pearland Animal Control at 281.652.1970 for alligators under 6 feet in length on private property, such as swimming pools, or in roadways.

Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division’s website for more alligator tips. 

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