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Unofficial Election Results for the May 6, 2017 Election

Post Date:05/06/2017 1:40 p.m.

The unofficial results for the May 6 Election are in. Gary Moore has been reelected for City Council Position 3. Moore received 3,921 votes (55.32%) and Jones received 3,167 votes (44.68%).

Mayor Tom Reid will face off in a run off election against Quentin Wiltz on Saturday, June 10. Reid received 3,703 votes (48.85%), while Wiltz received 3,460 votes (45.64%). Jimi Amos received 418 votes (5.51%).

The field for City Council Position 7 has narrowed from six candidates to two. Dalia Kaseeb, who received 2,958 votes (40.78%) and Woody Owens who received 1,527 votes (21.05%) will also face off in a runoff election for City Council Position 7. Bud Tollefson, who was also running for Position 7 received 172 votes (2.37%), while Sherry Stockwell received 1,399 votes (19.29%), G.C. Sonny Atkins received 699 votes (9.64%), and Terry Gray received 498 votes (6.87%).

J. David Little is elected to City Council Position 5 with 4,214 votes (64.64%) over Jude T. A. Smith who received 2,305 votes (35.36%).

The totals do not include provisional ballots voted. The official tabulation will be available on Monday, May 15.

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