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Suspicious Mail or Packages

Post Date:03/13/2018 4:03 pm

DID YOU KNOW, Pearland Police Department has a canine specifically trained in the detection of explosive material. Due to the recent events in Austin, the Pearland Police Department would like to share some information regarding suspicious packages with you. There have been no reports in or around Pearland and this is for informational purposes.

If you receive a questionable letter or package, contact the Pearland Police Department (281-997-4100) immediately.

Anyone receiving a package should take the following into consideration:

•   Was the package expected? – Is this something that was ordered or regularly received?

•   Is the sender known? Was a package expected from this person or company?

•   Is the package properly labeled? Are there misspellings, excessive postage, or generic addresses or titles?

•   Was it delivered by a common carrier, such as Fed-Ex, UPS, or the United States Postal Service?

 •  Does the package appear damaged, or are there are oilystains, discolorations, protruding wires, or a strange odor.

When in doubt, call us.

It is important that you do not touch the package once it is determined to be suspicious. The letter or package will be evaluated by the responding police officer and if necessary, explosive disposal experts will be called in to further handle the situation.

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