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Pearland Residents Get Personalized Resident Hub

Leveraging Technology and Geographic Information Systems for Hyper-Local Content

Post Date:07/09/2019 3:27 pm

A new design for the City of Pearland’s popular interactive mapping and database system, gives a wealth of public information for any address within the city. The design positions the City’s mapping as a hub for important information to residents and businesses.

The City of Pearland is always looking for opportunities to leverage technology to improve various aspects of life for Pearland residents. The latest release is an upgrade to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) website to improve usability for the current audience and leverage technology to provide a new resource for residents.

The latest version just released includes a search bar where a resident can input their address. It leads to a resident hub that will provide relevant, hyper-local information that is customized based on that resident’s address. A circle of `Near Me’ information automatically compiles onto the map restaurants, construction permits, garage sales, and public parks and facilities.

New Geographic Information System (GIS) Homepage with Search Bar for Resident Specific Information

In addition, residents will be able to find information about trash schedules, districts, zoning, appraisal and community news relevant to their neighborhood and area of town. The interactive map includes information about car crashes, garage sales, commercial and residential permits, and the health grades of restaurants within one mile of their address.

GIS Property Detail
New Property Detail Example Page



GIS Interactive Map
New Interactive Map with One Mile Radius Around Resident Address

This new feature is part of a larger re-brand of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) website, which is the home for all of the maps and geo-specific information used by the City of Pearland and the development community. Builders use the website daily to see public information on utilities and other infrastructure. 

The goal was to upgrade the GIS website to modern-day standards with new technology for better flexibility, a clean design for ease of use, and a mobile adaptive foundation so it can be used anywhere.” said Dan McGhinnis, Chief Information Officer. He continued, “as we were working through the redesign, we realized there was a great opportunity to aggregate information that we see our residents looking for all the time, so it made sense to add that component and broaden the GIS website target audience.”

Click here to check out the new GIS interface and experience the resident portal for yourself. The City of Pearland’s website had approximately 456,048 visitors in the last 12 months (7/1/18-6/30/19).  The GIS portal had 19,382 which is expected to grow with the enhancement. 

The City of Pearland IT Department is responsible for keeping the City secure and connected through the use of technology. Geographic Information Systems is a division within the IT Department which is responsible for maintaining geo-based information and supporting all departments that use map information to continually improve Pearland.

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