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Hughes Ranch Road Temporary Closure Between Cullen and North Hampton

Post Date:05/14/2020 9:13 am

Starting May 26, 2020 the City of Pearland will close Hughes Ranch Road between Cullen Blvd and North Hampton Dr to all through traffic in both directions to allow for the construction of a sanitary sewer project within the roadway pavement.  The total closure will only affect the segment between Cullen Blvd and N Hampton Dr.  The current traffic arrangement will continue as it is now on Hughes Ranch west of North Hampton. Alternative Routes and Detours will include:


  • For eastbound / westbound traffic from/to SH 288 frontage roads, use Broadway St (FM 518) or McHard Rd
  • For access to the west end of Hughes Ranch Rd from Broadway St (FM 518), use Miller Ranch Rd
  • For eastbound and westbound local neighborhood traffic (Southdown and Crystal Lake), use the Hawk Rd / Norfolk Dr / N Hampton Dr / Hughes Ranch Rd detour to access from Cullen Blvd
  • Eastbound Hughes Ranch Rd resident access only to Brookney St, W Sterling Dr, Linda Ln and Crystal Lake from Smith Ranch Rd / Country Place Pkwy or Miller Ranch Rd
  • ONLY residents living in the above subdivisions or streets will be allowed east on Hughes Ranch Rd beyond North Hampton Dr.
  • There will be NO Access to Cullen Blvd beyond N Hampton Dr.

Hughes Ranch Road Temporary Closure

This closed segment will allow only residents from, Brookney St, W Sterling Dr, Linda Ln, Crystal Lake and Hughes Ranch Rd itself access to their properties and only from the west.  No access will be allowed to or from Cullen Parkway during this phase of construction.  Residents leaving will be required to turn west.  These same conditions will apply for the Cube Smart storage facility on the north side of Hughes Ranch Rd. Residents on Hillhouse Rd will be required to use the access to and from Hawk Rd; no access will be allowed from Hillhouse Rd to/ from Hughes Ranch Rd.

This segment will be in use for large, slow moving construction vehicles and equipment.  Additionally, the sewer line construction will follow paving operations and requires deep excavations that will be installed in portions of the temporary lanes. Extreme caution is required when traveling through this area. Excavations, traffic barriers, equipment and personnel will be constantly moving locations and the work situation will change almost daily. Drivers are warned to obey construction speed limits and follow flagmen’s directions to avoid these extreme hazards.

Non-residential traffic will be detoured around Hughes Ranch Rd.  The road will only be accessible by construction vehicles and Emergency Services.  Flagmen will be posted at barricades to enforce this closure. 

Drivers that routinely use this route for work or shopping are encouraged to find an alternative route (listed above) for the next several months to avoid delays.

Message boards will be posted as a reminder of this forthcoming closure at the intersection of Cullen Blvd / Hughes Ranch Rd, Miller Ranch Rd (north of Broadway St) and at the Smith Ranch Rd / Country Place Pkwy at Hughes Ranch Rd intersection.  Detour signs will be posted to identify routes around this construction area.

Visit the Hughes Ranch Road Expansion project page for more information about the project.

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