Foster Program

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Foster a Pet

Save the lives of animals. It is one of the most loving and kind things you can do, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are saving the life of an animal in need. Apply today with our foster application!

What Do Foster Families Do?

Foster families provide temporary care in their homes for special needs animals until they are ready to be adopted. A few reasons for animals to be placed in foster care are:

  • Animals that are too young – may need to be bottle fed or given a few weeks growth time to reach an adoptable age/size.

  • Nursing mothers who need a quiet place to raise their babies, or a place to stay while their milk dries up AFTER feeding their babies.

  • Dogs undergoing heart worm treatment – a 6 – 8 week commitment, sometimes longer.

  • Animals with minor illnesses – Most common are Upper Respiratory Infection or Kennel Cough. These can be a 10 – 14 day commitment at the minimum.

  • Rescued animals that have sustained injuries and need a place to recuperate.

How Can I Qualify to be a Foster Parent?

  • You must have the time and ability to care for foster animals in a stress free, indoor environment, preferably away from other animals.

  • You must be extremely conscientious about monitoring the medical condition, energy level, weight and behavior of the animal(s) in your care.

  • Be willing to ask questions or call with any concerns.

  • Complete a Foster Application.

  • Abide by the City of Pearland’s policies and procedures pertaining to the animals chosen for Foster Care.

  • Be emotionally able to return the animals that are placed in your care when they are ready to be placed for adoption.

Apply today by completing a foster application or contact our office if you are interested in becoming a foster family.