Pet Licensing

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You can get a new license or renew a license for your pet online. It's fast and easy, your license will be mailed to you in 1-2 weeks! 

Here's what you need:

  • Your pet's name, breed, color, and age
  • The name of your veterinarian
  • Your pet's current rabies tag number and vaccination information
  • For renewals: Your pet's previous license number and your person ID number'
  • A Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card.

Click here to register your pet online.

Please email your documents to

  • Certification of Rabies Vaccination
  • Documented Proof of Alteration

Why license your pet?

  • It's a free ride home. If your licensed pet is found in Pearland, it will get a ride home instead of to the Animal Control & Adoption Center.
  • Your pet is more likely to get back home.  Licensed pets are three times more likely than unlicensed pets to go home again.
  • Prompt medical attention. If you pet is found injured, it will get medical care right away.
  • It's the law for dogs and cats
  • It helps other pets. Your pet's license helps Pearland Animal Control & Adoption Center.