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Making your yard less likely to be called “home” by snakes starts with understanding that they are only there for the food. Taking steps to cut down on the number of rats, mice, and toads can greatly reduce the chances of an encounter. 

  • Clear trash and debris around homes.
  • Trim low hanging shrubs and brush.
  • Do not stack firewood on the ground.
  • Keep grass and vegetation trimmed low.
  • Use cedar mulch and cedar oil in and around flowerbeds.
  • Do not leave garage doors open, there are a lot of places in there that snakes love to hide.

Living in an area with decorative ponds and natural water sources will increase the likelihood of snakes around your home. Some snakes eat minnows and water frogs and tend to stay near water. Occasionally they will move away from water to bask and hide and homes usually provide ideal places for them.