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 Who is required to obtain a Peddler’s Permit? Pearland City Code of Ordinances Chapter 22

A Peddler’s Permit is required for all persons, including their agents and employees, who engage in the temporary or transient business in the city of selling, offering for sale, soliciting for sale, leasing, renting, bartering or exchanging, directly or indirectly, any goods, merchandise, or services, or exhibiting the same for such a purpose, or for the purpose of taking orders for such a transaction.

Sec. 22-8 Fingerprints/Photographs

All persons applying for a Peddler’s Permit and all assistants shall submit to fingerprinting at the Pearland Police Department located at 2555 Cullen Blvd., Pearland, Texas. Permits will not be issued to any person with any prior felony conviction or misdemeanor (other than traffic violations).

Sec. 22-9 Peddler’s Permit Fees

Primary Permit Holder: The fee for this person is $75 per month and can be purchased for a term not to exceed three months.

Assistant: The fee for each assistant listed on a Peddler’s Permit is $5 per month, not to exceed three months.

Sec. 22-10 Surety Bond (Ord. No. 790, Exh. A, § X, 5-19-97)

The application for a permit required by the provisions of this chapter shall be accompanied by a bond in the penal sum of $1,000, signed by the applicant, and signed as surety by a surety company authorized to do business in the state. The bond shall remain in full force and effect for the entire duration of the permit.

The City Secretary must be provided with an original copy of the Surety Bond prior to a Peddler’s Permit being issued.

Sec. 22-17 Entrance to premises restricted

It shall be unlawful for any peddler to enter upon any private premises when the same are posted with a sign stating "No Peddlers Allowed," "No Solicitations Allowed," or other words to such effect.

Sec. 22-19 Hours of operation

It shall be unlawful for any peddler to engage in the business of peddling within the city between the hours of one-half hour before sunset and 9 a.m. the following morning, or at any time on Sundays, except by specific appointment with or invitation from the prospective customer.

Sec. 22-23 Supervision of child solicitors

It shall be unlawful for any person to use children 13 years of age or less for any type of solicitation purposes unless said children are actively supervised by an adult individual at least 18 years of age, who is permitted or registered or is the agent of the permittee or registrant, depending upon the type of solicitation. In all cases, the supervising adult shall be within 100 yards of the child solicitor. (Ord. No. 790, Exh. A, § XXIII, 5-19-97)

All Peddler’s Permits will be issued through the City Secretary’s Office

For more information or to schedule an appointment for permit issuance, please call 281.652.1653.

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