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The City Attorneys are appointed by City Council and represent the City in all legal matters and provide legal advice to the Mayor, City Councilmembers, and City administrative staff.The Legal Department is responsible for drafting the legislation upon which City Council votes in setting the policies of the city, attending City Council and other city board meetings to advise city officials and representatives regarding legal matters, selecting and managing outside counsel to represent the city in specialized litigation and other legal proceedings, prosecuting misdemeanors in the city's Municipal Court of Record, and advising and assisting every department of the City regarding legal issues associated with contracts, real estate transactions, personnel, economic development, engineering and public works issues, emergency services, and finance. 

The Legal Department's mission is to advise the City Council and provide competent and efficient legal services to all departments within the City of Pearland, to take proactive steps to identify and resolve potential legal complications for the City of Pearland, and to zealously defend and advocate the position of the City of Pearland with the singular goal of achieving that which is in the best interest of the City of Pearland and its citizens.


Darrin M. Coker
City Attorney

Lawrence G. Provins     
Deputy City Attorney

Katie A. Leininger
Assistant City Attorney

Marion Berman Bowytz
Municipal Court Prosecutor

Jenifer Smith
Legal Secretary


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