Annexation Update

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On March 26, 2018, Pearland City Council took action to de-annex all areas previously approved for incorporation into the City limits on November 27, 2017.


This action came in the form of Ordinance No. 1555; repealing Ordinances 1548 (Area A), 1549 (Area C) and 1551 (Area L). Effective immediately upon Council’s unanimous vote, the affected areas became unincorporated and are no longer a part of the Pearland City limits. Post-annexation advocacy efforts resulted in potential legal challenges that the City chose not to engage in, and this decision was made to avoid long, drawn out, potentially costly litigation.

It is important to note that any and all franchise services afforded to local residents of Pearland are no longer available, and those that may have signed up for trash collection services with our contract service-provider (Waste Management) may no longer receive the franchise rate for such services. In addition, depending on the area, Waste Management and the City may have decided that serving these areas are not feasible and should cease, as only a handful of residents may have signed up for services at the time of de-annexation. For residents that have switched service-providers, you are advised to contact another area service-provider to re-establish other arrangements. For more information on eligibility for Pearland trash pick-up based on location/address, please go to: garbage-pickup-schedule. The City’s GIS Homepage is also available to determine if your address is within the City limits and can receive the benefit of our franchise fee arrangements with Waste Management.