Storm debris removal FAQs

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • After the contractor picked up my debris they left all of the appliances?

  • Can you provide a schedule of when my home’s storm debris will be picked up?

  • Do we put flood related items like clothing, shoes, housewares, etc. out for the storm debris trucks or in bags for regular trash pickup?

  • Do you have anything to help disabled people who cannot get their storm debris out to the curb?

  • How are the hardest hit areas being determined?

  • I lost a lot of trees that are too big to be put into the bundles. Can I set them on the curb and they will still be picked up?

  • If I have already bagged my debris, do I have to take it out of the bags?

  • If the storm debris is not sorted, will it be picked up?

  • Only one street in my neighborhood was affected, how long can we expect to wait to have our debris picked up?

  • Should I put my debris out now if my neighborhood is not highly impacted?

  • We don’t have room to separate items like the graphic. What should we do?

  • What about textiles? They are not included in the graphic. Can they be set out for storm debris pick up?

  • What is considered storm debris?

  • When will the debris areas be cleaned up?

  • Why do the materials have to be sorted?

  • Will the contractor pick-up debris if vehicles are parked on the street?

  • Will there be multiple passes? If so, how many?