Brazoria County FEMA FIRM Update

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Brazoria County FEMA FIRM Update

Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released public Notification concerning appeal process in order to object to the information presented in the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report. According to the notification, 90 day appeal period has begun on February 27, 2019 and will end on May 28, 2019.

The following FEMA Region 6 link is intended to help users understand how the recently released Preliminary FIRM is different from the current effective FIRM:

In addition, digital version of current effective FIRM as well as Pre-FIRM and FIS are available at FEMA’s Map Service Center at Please click here for frequently asked questions and step by step process to use FEMA’s Map Service Center.

Appeal and Application Form

The City of Pearland would like to encourage the residents of the City to go online to review the updated FEMA FIRM via and appeal applicable anomalies to FEMA for correction. As a floodplain administrator, the City would like to facilitate the appeal process for the residents of Pearland. Please complete the Brazoria County Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map Appeals & Comment Application and email the completed document with supporting documents to or mail the appeal/comment to 3519 Liberty Drive, Pearland, Texas 77581. Please note that appeals and comments are subject to the data requirements outlined (see appeals and comments section below) by FEMA and must be submitted to the City within designated “90-day appeal period”.

Please see below for the due date for Appeal/comment form and submittal to FEMA by the City

 Submittal  comment due from resident  FEMA Submittal by the City
 Submittal 1  March 21, 2019  March 28, 2019
 Submittal 2  April 18, 2019  April 26, 2019
 Submittal 3  May 17, 2019  May 24, 2019


Information and Outreach

Appeals and Comments: Required support data and Documentation for Property Owners

Appeal and Comments: Information for Property Owners

Preliminary Floodplain Map:

48039C0010K 48039C0015K 48039C0020K 48039C0030K
48039C0035K 48039C0040K 48039C0041K 48039C0042K
48039C0043K 48039C0044K 48039C0065K 48039C00105K


Preliminary Flood Insurance Study:

48039CV001A 48039CV002A 48039CV003A 48039CV004A


FEMA Letter to the City: Appeal Period