Engineering Division

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The Engineering Design Criteria Manual has been updated

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To ensure that the planning and construction activities within the City and its ETJ are in accordance with the City's Standards, Codes, and Practices.

Services to the Community 
The Engineering division reviews plats, construction plans, drainage reports, and traffic reports along with providing construction inspection services. The Engineering division is also responsible for updating the City's design guidelines, standard details, specifications, and relevant ordinances including serving the community for floodplain administration and implementing a stormwater management program.  

Mission Statement 
The department will employ sound practices to develop, manage and maintain public infrastructure systems and ensure the quality of life for the citizens, visitors, and customers of the City of Pearland by providing proactive, effective and efficient internal and external customer service in the development of the City through enforcement of our adopted Development, Building Construction, Health and Property Maintenance Codes and Ordinances. 

Standard Construction Details 
This information is provided as a technical resource for the design and construction of projects within the City of Pearland. The designer can modify the standard details offered with approval by the City Engineer. The City of Pearland accepts no liability for use of these resources. The standard details are not intended as a substitute for the professional judgment of a design professional. 

Engineering Design Criteria Manual Survey Control Monuments
City Standards Detail  Commercial Development Checklist

Approved Product List

Request for Product Approval

Development and Grading Permit 
Standard Documents & Specifications 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan 
Stormwater Management Pearland Traffic Management Plan - Assessment of Transportation System Final Report 7-2015

Floodplain Management
Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Application Process Traffic Management and Calming Program 




Frenisha Adams 
Administrative Assistant
Sasha Buchheit, CFM 
Stormwater Coordinator
Rajendra Shrestha, P.E., CFM
Assistant Director - Engineering
Jose Tavera, EIT
Associate Engineer          
Parviz Pourazizian, EIT, CFM
Assistant City Engineer - Development
Rasika Perera, Ph.D., P.E., CFM
Assistant City Engineer - Water Resources

Jim Nester
Chief Construction Inspector

Tim Ford
Construction Inspector

Daryl Sawatzky
Construction Inspector

Michael Gibbs
Construction Inspector

Randell Fontenot
Construction Inspector

Construction Inspector