General Notes

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Construction procedure requirements for public improvement projects. The following information is for contractors doing work within the City of Pearland. Contractor guidelines for dealing with dirt removal, dirt dumping, protecting existing structures, pavement removal and water utilities.   

  • The contractor shall not dump any dirt or other materials onto a property being outside of the boundary of the permitted project and within the City of Pearland city limits without a valid Development/Grading Permit Issued to the offsite property owner by the City of Pearland Engineering Department. If such dumping is to occur without a valid permit, the Contractor shall be solely responsible for the removal of any discarded dirt or other materials to an approved location at the contractor expense. 
  • On site Mechanical Sweepers (Road Broom) is required for the projects hauling dirt to and from the site in excess of 120 cubic yards per day.
  • Contractor shall adequately protect existing structures, utilities, trees, shrubs, and permanent objects which are not scheduled to be removed as a part of this project. Prior to the removal of any trees a Clear and Grub Permit must be obtained from the Urban Forester 281.652.1983. 
  • Contractor shall maintain access to residential and commercial properties adjacent to the work area at all times. 
  • On all pavement to be removed, including concrete driveways and sidewalks, the pavement shall be sawcut to full depth prior to removal. 
  • All work within City of Pearland rights-of-way or public easements shall be constructed in accordance with the City of Pearland specifications, accepted standards and approved details. The contractor is responsible for obtaining and understanding all relevant information prior to construction. 
  • Contractor shall contact the City of Pearland Chief Engineering Inspector (James Nester) at 281.851.2314 to either schedule or notify him of a previously scheduled pre-construction meeting. The pre-construction meeting shall be held a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of construction. 
  • The contractor is not authorized to operate water/sanitary infrastructure utilities, owned or operated by the City of Pearland. Contractor shall contact the City of Pearland Public Works department to request City of Pearland Public Works authorized personnel to perform all utility operations.