The Engineering Division is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of the City's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance as mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The City's Director of Engineering and Capital Projects operates as the Floodplain Administrator.

The City of Pearland does not provide Floodplain Letters of Determination. You must contact a licensed surveyor for information on obtaining an Elevation Certificate or Floodplain Letter of Determination.

Since the City of Pearland participates in FEMA's Community Rating System (CRS), the residents are entitled to a premium discount on flood insurance.  For more information on federal insurance and the premium discount, call your insurance company and refer them to this webpage or our annual Floodplain and Outreach notices.  Planning early is essential because it normally takes 30 days after purchase for a flood insurance policy to go into effect. 

The 100-year floodplain is the land that is predicted to flood during a 100-year storm event, which has a 1% chance of occurrence in any given year. The 100-year flood is a standard used by the NFIP for floodplain management and to determine the need for flood insurance.

Floodplain Maps

Know Your Flood Risk - GIS Interactive Floodmap
The City of Pearland is currently using the FEMA floodplain maps with Harris County (2007 & 2017), Brazoria County (1989 & 1999), and Fort Bend County (2014). The updated maps for Brazoria County are expected to be completed within the next year.  When we are updated with any additional information we will supply it here on the Web site. 

Current FIRMS for the City of Pearland are listed below for your reference.

Brazoria County

48039C0030I 48039C0035I
48039C0040I 48039C0045J
48039C0065J       48239C0020H

Harris County
48039C00110H 48039C001035L
48039C001010L 48039C001055L


Fort Bend County
48157C0310L 48157C0320L


Buyout or Mitigation Programs

City officials have been in communication with FEMA in regard to potential buyout or mitigation programs. Please click here for the most up-to-date information.

News Update
  • The City has submitted Hazard Mitigation Plan to FEMA

For floodplain questions, please contact engineering department at 281.652.1637