Broadway/FM 518 Widening and Reconstruction

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Project Overview

The project consists of widening Broadway/FM 518 from the existing four-lane facility to a six-lane urban section with a raised median from SH 288 to SH 35 for a length of approximately six miles. While the stated project limits are from SH 288 to SH 35, the current construction limits are from SH 288 to the intersection of Halbert Drive/McLean Road and Walnut. No improvements are currently proposed from Halbert Drive/McLean Road to SH 35. The project would require additional Right-of-Way (ROW) and/or relocations.

For more information, please visit the project page on TxDOT's website.

If you have any questions, please contact Skipper Jones, Assistant Director, Capital Projects, Pearland, at 281.652.1748 or Patrick Gant, P.E., Deputy Director - Transportation Planning & Development, TxDOT, at 713.802.5274 or by email.


Broadway Corridor Development Plan

The City and Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) have completed the Broadway Corridor Development Plan for the segment of the corridor from SH 288 to SH 35 that coincides with the segment the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is planning to reconstruct and widen. The main emphasis of the plan is facilitating and planning for the impact of the proposed reconstruction that is expected to begin design in 2020. The timing of the planning effort provided important and much needed evaluation of the impacts of the reconstruction, not only from a mobility perspective but also the impact of the widening on the existing businesses. 

To learn more about the Broadway Corridor Development Plan, click here.


Project Updates

March 2020 Update:

On March 27, 2020, the City received a notification letter from TxDOT indicating that environmental clearance for the widening of FM 518/Broadway from SH 288 to SH 35/ Main Street has been granted for the project. The project will be designed in its entirety and constructed in two phases. Phase 1, FM 518/Broadway from SH 288 to Cullen Parkway, is currently funded for construction. Phase 2, FM 518/Broadway East of Cullen Parkway to SH 35, is not yet funded for construction.

March 2019 Update: 

The Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDoT), Houston District Office will conduct a Public Open House meeting on Tuesday, March 26th beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Berry Miller Jr. High School, located at 3301 Manvel Road. 

This meeting will be immediately followed by a Public Hearing, at this same location, providing attendees an opportunity to submit oral and written comments to the design and environmental teams from TxDoT regarding the proposed project. 

TxDoT will have drawings and schematic plans showing the proposed alignment of the widening for Phase 1 of the project (State Highway 288 to Cullen Parkway).

The completion of this Open House and Public Hearing is part of the final phase of the environmental process required by the Federal Highways Administration (FWHA) for projects that could receive federal highway funding.  All interested parties are urged to attend and provide comment.

October 2016 Update:

Background Information:

Federal and State funded transportation projects must comply with federal NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act) requirements.  The complexity of the NEPA process for a project depend on whether or not additional right of way is required to construct the project.  The FM518 widening project will require additional right of way.  For that reason TxDOT is conducting what is known as an Environmental Assessment, referred to as an EA.  When complete, the EA must be approved by TxDOT’s environmental division in Austin and may have to go to the Federal Highway Administration in Washington for final approval. 

Status Update:

Portions of the EA have been drafted and submitted to Austin for review but, the EA as a whole cannot be approved until all components are complete and approved.  TxDOT is projecting an approval, referred to as “environmental clearance”, in early/mid-2018. 

NO RIGHT OF WAY ACQUISITION MAY OCCUR PRIOR TO ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE.  TxDOT believes that right of way acquisition will not begin until 2019 or early 2020 and there would be no construction before 2021.

The EA process requires that the project undergo a Public Hearing.  This is similar to the Project Open House held in May, 2015 except this meeting will include a verbal presentation and a question and answer session in addition to updated exhibits.  This hearing will include an exhibit showing the proposed final alignment.  Right now this is tentatively planned for late Fall or Winter of 2017.  The City will ensure that advanced notice of this meeting is posted for all interested parties to attend.

TxDOT is working on the proposed alignment and noted that the current development indicates smaller right of way acquisitions will likely come from both north and south sides, as shown in the GREEN alternative as opposed to larger parcels from one side or the other RED and Blue alternatives. More definitive information is not available at this time. 

However, as information about this critical project continues to develop and is shared with the City, we will make that available to the public as quickly as possible.

December 2015 Update:

Recent communication with TxDOT on the progress of the FM518 widening, from SH288 to Walnut, indicate that TxDOT Environmental specialists are continuing the Environmental Study portion of the project.  Normally this is about a 12 to 15 month process to collect data, analyze, prepare a written report and submit for review and approval by the Federal Highway Administration.  Recent changes to the review and approval process have routed portions of approval responsibility to the Austin offices of TxDOT which has helped to shorten the approval time. 

However, given the magnitude of the FM518 project and its potential requirements for additional right of way, this process is likely to require about two years.  TxDOT staff identified potential historic structures along the route which have required additional investigation, the outcome of which will play a role in determining the eventual final alignment for the roadway.

No decisions or changes have been made so far to the three potential alignments that TxDOT presented in the public Meeting in May this year.  The next update is expected in late Spring 2016 once these additional constraints have been  fully identified.

March 2015 Open House:

Public Meeting Notice 
Broadway Widening 288 to Walnut Map
Information Pamphlet and Comment Form
TxDOT's FM 518 Open House

TxDOT hosted an open house for the FM 518 roadway construction from SH 288 to SH 35 in Brazoria County, Texas. This public meeting was held to present the proposed design alternatives and to seek comments from local officials and citizens.