Home Mitigation or Buyout Program

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Home Mitigation or Buyout Program

Federal grants for home mitigation or buyouts have been used by the City of Pearland to assist in the reduction of flood damages in areas in the floodplain. The City has utilized these areas that have been mitigated for drainage conveyance purposes. 

Funding for Mitigation or Home Buyouts

By pursuing FEMA grants, the City of Pearland leverages each dollar it would spend into as much as two to four dollars to acquire and demolish homes that are at high risk of flooding in the future. Through FEMA there is a Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) program that has two grant programs, the  Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) that are used to provide assistance to homeowners to reduce the risk of future flooding.

HMGP – Provides funds to States, territories, federally recognized tribes, local governments, and eligible private nonprofits following a Presidential major disaster declaration.  The funding of this program is usually 75% Federal and 25% Local matching funds and is for both insured and uninsured properties. The 25% matching fund is the responsibility of the homeowner, unless there is an identified alternative payment method.

FMA – Provides funds to mitigate National Flood Insurance Program insured properties and has an annual appropriation from the National Flood Insurance Fund. FMA provides funds to States, territories, federally recognized tribes, and local governments. The funding of this program provides up to 100%, 90% or 75% Federal and 0%, 10% and 25% Local matching funds. The 10% or 25% matching fund is the responsibility of the homeowner, unless there is an identified alternative payment method.

Federal Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for grants through FEMA, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  1. The property must be located in a community that participates and is in good standing in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and has a FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.
  2. The property’s purchase must be cost beneficial.  A property is considered cost beneficial if the cost of acquiring and demolishing the property is less than the cost of the estimated future flood damages to the property.
  3. The property must have a current flood insurance policy to meet the requirements for certain types of FEMA grants, such as the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant program.

It is important to note that, although some grant funds are made available after a disaster declaration, these mitigation and buyout grants do not provide immediate flood recovery assistance. These programs typically take eight to twelve months after the flood event to even get started, and then may take place over a period of many years following a flood event. Mitigations and Buyouts are intended to prevent future flood damages.

Home recently flooded?

If your home was recently flooded, please:

  1. Submit a flood insurance claim. A homeowner’s insurance claim may also be necessary for damages not related to flood water.
  2. Register for disaster assistance (when available) with FEMA (1.800.621.3362) for any uncovered or underinsured items.
  3. Contact the City of Pearland to determine if permits are needed to rebuild.
  • City of Pearland Community Development Permit Office (281.652.1731)
  • City of Pearland Engineering Department (281.652.1637)

Volunteer for the mitigation or home buyout program

A Mitigation or Home Buyout Program does not provide immediate flood recovery assistance – its primary function is to help prevent future flood damages. For the most immediate assistance regarding the City of Pearland Mitigation or Home Buyout Program, please complete and submit a Notice of Voluntary Interest form. The Engineering Department is working diligently to consider each Notice of Voluntary Interest submitted, and submittal of your interest through the online form is the most proactive step you can take as a homeowner at this time. Submitting this form does not obligate you to sell or the City to purchase your home.

For more information about home buyouts

For questions about the City of Pearland Mitigation or Home Buyout Program, including eligibility criteria, mitigation options, the buyout process, and relocation assistance, call the City of Pearland Engineering Department.


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