Linwood, Orange, Old Alvin Improvements

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The City is continuing to move forward with plans for the Linwood, East Orange, and Old Alvin Paving and Drainage Improvements Project.

Packages 1 & 2 (Linwood, East Orange between SH35 and Schleider, and Old Alvin between Plum and Town Ditch) are now complete. The work included an underground drainage system outfalling to Town Ditch, new water lines on Linwood and East Orange (west of Old Alvin), roadway paving with curb and gutters, sidewalks, conduit for fiber, and installation of decorative streetlights. The roadways were lowered an average of 18”-24” to mitigate flooding of private property by allowing runoff to flow toward the street and into drainage inlets rather than into yards and homes. City staff worked closely with liaisons for the neighborhood to ensure that residents’ concerns were addressed throughout construction.

During Hurricane Harvey, the project area and Town Ditch were closely monitored for flooding, and temporary measures were taken to prevent damage to homes. While water did seep into some garages, no known flooding of homes occurred.

Package 3 (Old Alvin Road between Town Ditch and McHard) is nearing completion. This package included a detention pond, underground drainage system, roadway paving with curb and gutters, sidewalks, and conduit for fiber to Fire Station 1. The substantial completion walk through took place in January 2019, and final completion of all outstanding punch list items is anticipated to be completed by the end of February. Standard streetlights will be installed by Centerpoint Energy under separate contract.

Package 4 (Town Ditch Trail) is also nearing completion. This is a 6’ wide full-depth concrete path with base connecting SH35 to Old Alvin along the north bank of Town Ditch.

All packages have to date been on schedule and under budget.

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March 7, 2017 - Open House Meeting Comments Summary 

July 22, 2016 - Open House Meeting Comments Summary

This multi-phase project consists of the following project components:           Overall Project Limits 
1. Linwood Drive from Old Alvin to Orange, and Old Alvin Road from Plum to Town Ditch, including reconstruction of the street with concrete pavement, curb and gutter, and drainage improvements.

Linwood Drive

Typical Roadway Sections 1 of 2 

 2. East Orange Street from Main St. to Schleider Dr. including reconstruction of the street with concrete pavement, and gutter, drainage improvements and sidewalks.

East Orange (Old Alvin to Schleider)

East Orange (Main to Old Alvin)

 3. Old Alvin Road from Town Ditch to McHard.: including street widening concrete pavement and drainage improvements.

Old Alvin (Plum to Orange)

Typical Roadway Sections 2 of 2

Old Alvin (Orange to McHard)

 4. Shared Use Path/Trail along Town Ditch from Main St. to Old Alvin Rd., including a pedestrian bridge at Hunter Park.