Animal Services Shelter

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4. Animal Shelter Wall Elevation

About. Construct a 21,000 sq. ft. animal shelter on 4 acres to house 16 staff members, medical suite, dog runs to house 90 canines, cat runs for 66 felines, quarantine areas for up to 16 quarantined animals as required by State law, an adoption center with rooms for potential adoption interaction and observation, veterinary service room, laundry room, and food storage areas.

The purpose of the proposed project is to provide our citizens and staff with an up to date facility that meets all state laws and mandated codes for animal services.  The improved adoption center will now provide dedicated space for visitors to be able to interact with potentially adoptable animals in both indoor and outdoor settings.  The existing facility is also very maintenance intensive, so providing the new facility will decrease maintenance costs and repairs for our facilities department.

Residents can also register to receive project updates through the City's e-notification system - Everbridge.  Project information if often available through the City's Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well.  We encourage residents and property owners’ to sign up for the e-alerts and to bookmark the project Web page in order to receive updates as they become available. For additional information, please contact Cara Davis, Senior Project Manager, at

Schedule Info

Design schedules vary per project. Typical Bid schedules run approximately 60 days to advertise, hold pre-bid meeting, respond to any bidder questions and open bids. Under normal circumstances, without irregularities, a bid can be awarded within 24 days of the Bid Date. This could extend another 14 days if there are questions regarding the Bidder’s qualifications. A construction Notice to Proceed is generally issued with 10 to 14 days of Award bringing the total process to about 90 days from Advertisement to Notice to Proceed.

Base Line Current
Design Start  July 2019   August 2019
Bid Start  October 2020   December 2019
Construction Start  August 2020
Proposed Construction Completion  October 2021


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