Piper Road Drainage

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About.  Piper Road was an area identified in the Harvey Drainage Assessment Report as a local drainage improvement project. The project will reconfigure the existing open drainage system along Piper Road from FM 518 to Fite Road. The project includes re-grading the ditches and resetting the culverts to move the high point of the road further north. This will allow for more of the drainage area to flow south to the linear detention pond just east of the elementary school at Fite Road and FM 1128. The goal of this project is to mitigate periodic flooding and high water issues along Piper by reviewing the drainage flows and re-grading the drainage ditches to flow south directly into Mary’s Creek.

Scope. This project will improve drainage along Piper Road from FM 518 to Fite Road by allowing more of the drainage area to flow south toward the linear detention pond. Project tasks include reviewing the exist open ditch drainage system on Piper Road, regrading ditches, resetting culverts toward higher points of the road, and laying asphalt to repair road damage likely to occur during the project.

This project is a part of the 2019 Bond referendum.

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Design schedules vary per project. Typical Bid schedules run approximately 60 days to advertise, hold pre-bid meeting respond to any bidder questions and open binds. Under normal circumstances, without irregularities, a bid can be awarded within 24 days of the Bid Date. This could extend another 14 days if there are questions regarding the Bidder’s qualifications. A construction Notice to Proceed is generally issued with 10 to 14 days of Award bringing the total process to about 90 days from Advertisement to Notice to Proceed. 

   Base Line  Current 
 Design Start  July 2019   August 2019
 Bid Start  April 2020  December 2020
 Construction Start  February 2021  
 Proposed Construction Completion  September 2021  
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