West Lea Subdivision Drainage Improvements

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Project Overview 

About. This project will make modifications to internal drainage facilities to bring the drainage system for West Lea up to the City's storm design criteria standard and reduce the frequency and severity of structural flooding in the subdivision by improving storm water conveyance and providing additional storage.  The goal is to increase the rate at which water moves through the drainage system by increasing its capacity so that the levels in the system do not rise to flood stage.

Process. The first step in the process is topographic survey which started in early September 2019.  Once this is completed, the resulting data will be studied and the City will consider available options for the most functional and feasible solution.  Before any further work is performed, the City will schedule a meeting with the Civic Association and residents to present our recommendations and to get feedback.

Scope. The project area, located in West Lea Subdivision, is bound by Manvel Road, Bailey Road, Brazoria Drainage District 4 Ditch, and Mary’s Creek. Drainage improvements will require removal and replacement of driveway culverts and widening and re-grading of bar ditches. The project will also include an asphalt overlay of the intersections to repair damage due to the drainage improvements. The project will also require the re-grading of the ditch along Manvel Road all the way to Mary’s Creek outfall and deepening the area drainage ditch along the eastern perimeter to Mary’s Creek.

Residents can also register to receive project updates through the City’s e-notification system Everbridge.  Project information is often available through the City’s FaceBook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well.  We encourage residents and property owners’ to sign up for the e-alerts and information, please contact Susan Johnson, Project Manager, at sjohnson@pearlandtx.gov

This project is part of the 2019 Bond Referendum. 

Schedule Info

Design schedules vary per project. Typical Bid schedules run approximately 60 days to advertise, hold pre-bid meeting, respond to any bidder questions and open bids. Under normal circumstances, without irregularities, a bid can be awarded within 24 days of the Bid Date. This could extend another 14 days if there are questions regarding the Bidder’s qualifications. A construction Notice to Proceed is generally issued with 10 to 14 days of Award bringing the total process to about 90 days from Advertisement to Notice to Proceed.

Base Line Current
Design Start August 2019  August 2019
Bid Start June 2020
Construction Start August 2020
Proposed Construction Completion January 2022

Budget and Funding Info

 Project Area