Quang Nguyen
Assistant City Engineer

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Stormwater Pollution

Our storm sewer system is made up of a series of ditches, culverts, and underground pipes which collect stormwater runoff and conveys it to our streams, bayous, and ultimately to Galveston Bay. It is important to understand that the water that goes down your sink or bathtub is treated to remove physical, chemical, and biological impurities before releasing into natural streams where as the storm water is released untreated into these ditches, bayous or stream. It is very important that you help prevent contaminants from flowing into storm drains and never pour any potential contaminants into them. Intentionally pouring pollutants into street gutters and storm drain is not only dangerous to the environment but also illegal.

Stormwater pollution can be split into three general classifications.

1. Litter: cigarette butts, cans, food wrappers, plastic bags or paper

  • Reduces conveyance capacity of inlet, storm sewer, and natural or manmade channel causing water to build up and flood the area
  • Causes threat to the aquatic animal’s life as they tend to eat these litters
  • Greatly reduces the aesthetic view of the area

2. Natural Pollution: leaves, yard clippings or animal feces

  • Reduces conveyance capacity of inlet, storm sewer, and natural or manmade
  • Pollutes the natural water bodies. For example, pet waste may have harmful bacteria.

3. Chemical Pollution: fertilizers, oil, pesticides, detergents etc.

  • Over applied fertilizer washes out into the drainage system, promotes growth of algae leading to reduction of oxygen content in the water
  • Metals and solvents are poisonous to aquatic life, may slow their development, and make them infertile or cause to result in death
  • Over application of pesticides can cause water pollution, poison aquatic life, and negatively effects ecosystem
  • Petroleum products can pollute water. Oil coating on animal reduces their ability to move; maintain their body temperature, feed or reproduce.