Pearland Teen Court

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Teen Court is For those 17 years old and younger who received a citation from the city of Pearland:

This is a voluntary program for certain youth offenders who wish to undergo constructive punishment for their class C misdemeanors (i.e. citations), and if done successfully, may have their offense dismissed. These young individuals appear and testify before a jury of their peers, which impose on them conditions to complete towards their dismissal.  This program seeks to deter teens from future unlawful practices while providing direct experience in the judiciary system and an understanding of their roles in society.  Additionally, local nonprofit community programs reciprocally benefit from the teens performing community service hours.

In order to be eligible, the youth offender must:

  • be between ages 10 and 17 years at the time of the violation, or currently enrolled in an accredited high school if older than 17 years.
  • appear in open court at their first scheduled appearance, and enter a plea of  either “no contest” or “guilty,” and request Teen Court from the Pearland municipal judge.
  • not have had a teen court dismissal in the year prior to this new violation
  • pay the non-refundable Teen Court fee of $20 (per violation)
  • agree to return on a separate evening for their Teen Court hearing  2-4 weeks later for their sentencing.

Pearland Teen Court is held on the  third Tuesday of the month, 5PM  – 7 p.m. at 2555 Cullen Pkwy. in Pearland,

Note: These hearings are closed to the public

At this Teen Court hearing,  they will testify before a jury of fellow teens and answer all their questions.  After deliberating, the teen jury will assign the teen offender community service hours (at a pre-approved designated community service location) and jury terms the youth offender must complete in a 90 day period. The teen offender is also not to incur any new offenses until this case is dismissed and closed. The Teen Court jury will consist of volunteer teens from our community as well as prior teen offenders. The youth offenders themselves will participate as jury members in other youths’ Teen Court hearings as a requirement of their own sentence.  The teen jury deliberations are guided by instructions and prescribed ranges of hours and jury terms given to them by the municipal court judge. If the assigned program is successfully completed by the young offender within the specified time frame, it will result in dismissal of the case(s). Failure to complete all the Teen Court requirements within the ordered time frame will result in a conviction with the full fine due and payable.