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The Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland was created to advocate for the Parks & Recreation Department by building strong community relationships to aid in raising substantial funding and the development of additional resources to enhance the Department's ability to provide recreational opportunities to the Pearland community. The Foundation hopes that by working within the community they will be able to promote recreational awareness, increase youth involvement and enhance the overall quality of life for all Pearland residents.

Our Mission...
To partner with the City to establish premier parks, facilities, and programs in Pearland

Our Vision...
To enrich lives through the development of and accessibility to parks and recreation

Letter from the President:
Since the formation of the Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland in the Spring of 2015, supplemental resources for Parks & Recreation projects and programs has become more accessible through grants, private funding, and community support initiatives.  The Foundation is now looking forward to continuing its growth and presence in the Pearland community by encouraging residents to get involved and empowering citizens to support the Foundation efforts by providing additional resources to grow parks and recreation opportunities.

I am honored to serve as Board President and am excited about the potential the Foundation has to further establish Parks & Recreation programs, such as Financial Assistance and the Pearland Outdoor Initiative, with the support of the Pearland community. Furthermore, I encourage the community to join us as we partner with the City to establish premier parks, facilities, and programs in Pearland.


Kelly Moody
Board President