Park Amenity Rules

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In addition to the general rules in force for the usage of park properties, specific rules also exist for the usage of certain park amenities. Like the general rules, these amenity-specific rules exist for reasons of patron safety, preservation and protection of our parks system. Rules are to be followed by all park visitors and are in force at all times. 

Splash Pad Rules

  • All persons using the Splash pad do so at their own risk
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult 18 years or older
  • Running, undue roughness, horseplay and other undue disturbances are prohibited
  • Splash Pads are designed for recreation purposes and not for bathing. Please refrain from using soaps, detergents or shampoos
  • Climbing or playing on equipment is not permitted
  • Infants must wear swim diapers or rubber pants without diapers. Cutoffs and street shoes are prohibited
  • Wheeled vehicles, with the exception of strollers, walkers and wheelchairs, are not permitted in the Splash Pad area
  • No animals, with the exception of service animals, are permitted in the Splash Pad area
  • Radios, tape players or other acoustical devices are only permitted when used in conjunction with headsets
  • Pool toys and floats are prohibited
  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted
  • Food and drinks are prohibited while in the Splash Pad area
  • The use of profane language will not be tolerated
  • Persons should be healthy and free of diarrhea or open wounds before utilizing the Splash Pad. This ensures the health of all visitors
  • Splash Pad will open beginning April 1 to October 1 of each year


Basketball Court Rules

  • Courts are open during established park hours
  • No dogs, bicycles, skateboards or skates allowed on courts
  • No food or glass containers allowed on courts
  • No climbing or hanging on sports equipment
  • Please respect your neighbors. No loud or obscene language
  • Players must wear athletic shoes at all times
  • Players must adhere to the "first-come, first-served" rule
  • Play time limited to 45 minutes when others are waiting
  • Organized or league games must be authorized by Pearland Parks & Recreation

Tennis Court Rules

  • Play surface restricted to tennis. Basketball and other sports are not permitted
  • Skateboards, bicycles and skates are prohibited on courts
  • Pets are not permitted in enclosure
  • Use of courts for organized instruction is not permitted without written agreement from Pearland Parks & Recreation. Permit must be presented in this scenario upon request from Parks staff
  • During permitted instruction, courts are closed to the public

Dog Park Rules

  • The off-leash dog area is for dogs, their handlers and those accompanying them
  • Dog owners must clean and dispose of pet waste, per ordinance
  • Off-leash areas are for socialized dogs, and aggressive dogs must be removed immediately
  • Dogs should be constantly supervised
  • Gates should always remain closed
  • Small Dog Park is reserved for dogs weighing 25 pounds or less, while the Large Dog Park is intended for all others. This requirement is for the safety and comfort of all visitors and their pets.
  • Limit 3 dogs per person per visit
  • Off-leash pets should be spayed/neutered
  • Dog must be licensed, vaccinated and wearing identification at all times
  • Dogs should be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving
  • Handlers are responsible for any injuries caused by the dogs under their care
  • No glass containers
  • No food allowed for pet or owner within off-leash area

Batting Cage Rules

All users are expected to adhere to commonly accepted practice while in the confines of the batting cage. Use is exclusively for participants designated as assigned occupants of the adjoining athletic play/practice areas.

    In addition to commonly accepted practice, the following guidelines shall be followed while occupying the batting cage:

    • Batters MUST wear helmets at all times. No exceptions
    • Only one person in batting cages at a time during play
    • No switch hitting during play
    • Batters must wear enclosed footwear
    • No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted to use the batting cages
    • Balls may be pitched at any time. BE ALERT at all times
    • No one under the age of 6 years old is permitted to use the batting cages
    • Close gates at all times after entering or exiting the cages
    • No practice swings outside of cages unless in designated areas
    • Prior to use, ‘L’ screen will be inspected for integrity. If screen is not completely intact, use is to be suspended until a new screen has been installed

    The Batting Cages will not be open under the following conditions:

    • Visible Lightning or Thunder has been heard
    • Wet Conditions
    • Power Outage
    • Mechanical Malfunction

Outdoor Pool Rules

  • Instructions from lifeguards must be observed at all times
  • All swimmers must shower completely before entering either pool
  • One long whistle blast (3-5 seconds in length) means everyone must exit both pools
  • Non-swimmers unable to pass a basic swim test will be required to wear a life jacket and swim only in the activity pool
  • Swimmers may not sit on lane lines
  • Swimmers may not swim under bulkheads
  • Starting blocks may only be used during a regularly scheduled event or under close supervision
  • Persons having an infectious or communicable disease are prohibited from using either pool
  • Persons having open blisters, sores or rashes are not permitted to use either pool
  • Running, pushing, rough play or profanity are not permitted
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the pool
  • No glass items are allowed in the pool area
  • Diaper-age children must wear specially designed swim diapers. Regular cloth or disposable diapers are not allowed in either pool
  • Swimmers of all ages must change into and out of their swimsuits in their respective locker rooms
  • When using the slide, you must be seated, feet first, with only one rider at a time