Park Rules

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Park rules exist for reasons of patron safety, preservation and protection of our parks system. Rules are to be followed by all park visitors and are in force at all times. Rules apply to all City of Pearland park properties. Park rules are listed below. Rules governing the use of specific park amenities such as splash pads, basketball courts, tennis courts, dog parks, batting cages and the outdoor pool can be found here.

  • It is unlawful for any person to act in such a way that park property may be damaged

  • Littering is not permitted

  • Fishing shall be subject to all applicable state laws

  • Swimming, bathing or wading is prohibited unless expressly authorized by signage

  • Fires are only permitted in designated receptacles

  • Smoking is prohibited in all City parks (Ordinance 1330)

  • Operation of any motorized vehicle is strictly prohibited except on roadways

  • All pet waste must be collected and disposed of promptly (Ordinance 1448)

  • All pets must be on leashes, with the exception of designated areas, and licensed with the City of Pearland (Ordinance 528)

  • All large animals and livestock are prohibited on park property (Ordinance 1448)

  • Camping or overnight use is prohibited without a permit from the Director of Parks & Recreation

  • Observe signage for designated recreation areas

  • Golfing and use of model airplanes is prohibited in all City parks unless expressly authorized by signage (Ordinance 1448)

  • Glass bottles or containers are prohibited

  • It is unlawful to profit from use of public property or solicit without a written agreement from the City of Pearland (Ordinance 1448)

  • Offenses under these articles are punishable by fine, per City of Pearland Ordinance Number 1448 § 2, 7-25-11