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Parks Master Plan

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Master Plan
The City of Pearland Parks and Recreation
Master Plan is intended to help meet the needs of current and future residents by positioning Pearland to build on the community’s parks and recreation assets and identify new opportunities. The citizen-driven plan establishes a clear direction to guide city staff, advisory committees, and elected officials in their efforts to enhance the community’s parks and recreation services and facilities.

History and Background
The Parks and Recreation Department recently completed a new long-range planning document called the City of Pearland Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The 11-month comprehensive process shapes the direction, development and delivery of parks and recreation services over the next 5 years.

Parks Master Plan

I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction of the Planning Context

III. What We Want - Our Community and Identified Needs

IV. What We Have Now - Inventory and Level of Service Analysis

V. Great Things to Come - Recommendations and Action Plans

Related Planning Efforts and Integration

The City of Pearland has undertaken several planning efforts in recent years that have helped inform the planning process for the Plan. These documents include: