Drug Abuse Prevention Tips

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Alcohol and other drug abuse is prevalent in every part of the country. It affects the rich, poor, the urban community, the suburban neighborhoods, and even rural areas.

Kids who stay straight and say NO to alcohol and other drugs have some facts in common:
  • Self –esteem, feel worthwhile, capable of setting goals and achieving them, handle their problems directly without waiting to be rescued
  • Good adult role models- have seen adults face problems without resorting to alcohol and drugs. They realize there are consequences to poor choices.
  • Life Goals-they have attainable goals, thinking about the future
  • One good adult relationship: honest communication with at least one trusted adult( usually a parent), but could be others
  • One good peer relationship: strong relationship with at least one good friend.
  • A sense of Family: raised with a strong sense of connection with family which is a factor that was most important in keeping kids straight and out of legal trouble. 

Be Drug –Free, you have heard the word “drug” before on TV, on the radio, in the newspaper and magazines, or in your neighborhood from family and friends. The only good drugs for you to take are the ones given to you when you are sick, by your parents, caregivers, doctor, or nurse. Those drugs are medicines. A drug is any substance other than food that affects the way your mind and body work. All drugs are dangerous when misused.

Safety friends, including our family, teachers, doctors, law enforcement officers have probably told you that cigarettes and alcohol, like beer, are bad for you. They are right.

Choose good friends who don’t get into trouble. Drug use is unhealthy and unwise. There are plenty of other things to do, like joining a club or enjoying a hobby.

Take good care of you mind and body. “you only have one body, it’s got to last a long, long, time.”
  • Never touch, taster, or smell something if you aren’t sure it’s safe. It may be poison.
  • Have healthy habits- sleep well, eat good things, and exercise every day.
  • Follow rules. They keep us safe
  • Choose good friends who will never ask you to do something unhealthy or unsafe.
  • Be a leader, a good friend who is kind to others and responsible

Most important, remember you are special, you’re one of a kind, you should never be afraid to ask a safety friend , especially your parents for help.

Life is a series of choices. Good choices bring good consequences, bad choices bring bad results.