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Police Department Directory

Physical Address

Pearland Police Department

2555 Cullen Parkway

Pearland, TX 77581

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Name Title Email Phone
J.L. Spires Chief of Police                                                                   Email            281.997.4300
R.J. Fraser Assistant Chief of Police - Operations Bureau       Email 281.997.4300
C.A. Randall                 Assistant Chief of Police - Support Services Bureau     Email 281.997.4300
T.R. Moncrief

Captain - Administrative Services Division

Email 281.997.4302
P.D. Savage Captain - Criminal Investigations Division Email 281.997.4303
J.K. Nichols Captain - Support Services Division Email 281.997.4100
J.M. Vance Captain - Patrol Operations Division Email 281.997.4114
J. Brown Administrative Assistant Email 281.997.4300


Alarm Unit

Coordinator                   Alarm Reduction Unit                                                       Email             281.997.4390
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Animal Services

Pearland Animal Shelter

2002 Old Alvin Rd.
Pearland, Texas 77581



Name Title Email Phone
J.K. Nichols                 Captain - Support Services Division                                 Email              281.997.4100
S. Coleman Manager - Animal Services Division  Email 281.652.1970
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Criminal Investigations Division

Name Title Email Phone
T.R. Moncrief               Captain - Criminal Investigations Division                       Email               281.997.4302
A. Dixon Senior Administrative Assistant - CID Email 281.997.4302
J. Jernigan Sergeant - Crimes Against Persons Email 281.997.4144
D. Mayville Sergeant -  CID Support Staff Email 281.997.4128
J. Myers Sergeant - Property Crimes Email 281.997.4182
Crime Victims Liaison Email 281.997.4330
J. Poe Crime Victims Liaison Email 281.997.4304


Community Outreach Division

Name Title Email Phone
T.R. Moncrief                 Captain - Administrative Services Division                        Email              281.997.4302
J. Thomas Sergeant - Professional Standards & Training  Email 281.997.4123
Z. Davis-Woods Community Outreach Officer / Youth Programs Email 281.997.4176
C. Rogers Community Outreach Officer / CPA Coordinator Email 281.997.4193
R. Cohen Community Outreach Officer / Teen Programs Email 281.997.4217


Jail Division

Physical Address

2555 Cullen Parkway
Pearland, TX 77581

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Name Title Email Phone
J.K. Nichols              Captain - Support Services Division                                  Email                281.997.4100
D. Cordero Manager - Jail Division Email 281.997.4338
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Patrol Division

Name Title Email Phone
P.D. Savage              Captain - Patrol Operations Division                                Email                281.997.4303
M. Mooney Administrative Assistant - Patrol Operations Email 281.997.4303
J. Cowan Lieutenant - Special Operations Unit / FTO Coordinator Email 281.997.4116
Lieutenant - Patrol Squad  A Email
J. Vance Lieutenant - Patrol Squad B Email 281.997.4117
G. Dacy Lieutenant - Patrol Squad C  Email 281.997.4187
D. Dunham Lieutenant - Patrol Squad D Email 281.997.4235


Personnel - Recruiting and Training

Name Title Email Phone
O. Lopez                   Captain - Administrative Services Division                       Email               281.997.4119
J. Thomas Sergeant - Professional Standards & Training Email 281.997.4123
R. Bort Training Officer Email 281.997.4135
T. Mashue Training Officer Email 281.997.4141 
Z. Davis-Woods        Recruiter                                                                           Email               281.997.4176 
C. Rogers Recruiter Email 281.997.4193
J. Wells Recruiter                                                                           Email 281.997.4217
Website Recruitment    

Public Information Officer /Media Relations

Name Title Email Phone
J. Wells Officer - Public Information Officer
Email              281.997.4186
C. Rogers Officer - Public Information Officer Email 281.997.4193
J. Thomas               
Sergeant- Administrative Services Division                       Email


Professional Standards Division (Internal Affairs)

Name Title Email Phone
O. Lopez                  Captain - Administrative Services Division                       Email               281.997.4119
J. Thomas Sergeant - Professional Standards & Training   Email 281.997.4123
C. Turner          Detective - Professional Standards (IA) Email 281.997.4204
M. Jaso Detective - Professional Standards (IA) Email 281.997.4173
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Records Division

Name Title Email Phone
J.K. Nichols         Captain - Support Services Division                                 Email               281.997.4100
D. Harter Manager - Support Services                           Email 281.997.4306
D. Moore-Randolph Coordinator - Telecommunications Division Email 281.997.4340
E. Coleman Coordinator - Records Division Email 281.997.4100


School Resource Officers

Name Title Email Phone
O. Lopez                 Captain - Administrative Services Division                       Email                281.997.4119
A. Beavers Sergeant - School Resource Officers Email 281.997.4126