Patrol Operations Division

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The Patrol Operations Division Commander is Mike Vance.  He is a Pearland native and has been with the department since Sept. 1994.  He has been a licensed Police Instructor since Aug. 1998.   He has been a police supervisor since 1998 primarily in patrol, but has also spent time overseeing SRO and CID.  In 2002 he became a LEMIT graduate and a graduate of the University of Houston – Clear Lake with a BA in Humanities with an emphasis on Literature. 
The Patrol Operations Division fields’ four squads with alternating days off that provide 24/7/365 police coverage of the city.  Officers have varying start times to ensure continuous coverage and are assigned to one of nine beats within the city.  The Pearland Police Department has been recognized nationally through it's implementation of the Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) policing strategy.  The Special Operations Squad supplements patrol officers with specialized assignments including motorcycle officers, commercial motor vehicle enforcement, municipal warrant/court assignment, lobby detail, crash investigations, DDACTS assignments and narcotics, tracking and explosives trained K-9 Officers.  In addition, the part-time Bike Patrol Unit reports to this division.  In total approximately 115 uniformed personnel are assigned to the Patrol Operations Division.

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Capt. M. Vance


Patrol Operations

The Patrol Division is responsible for the daily response to calls and the proactive enforcement of laws. In general, when a citizen sees a police car driving around, a patrol officer operates it. Patrol Officers are the "first line" of defense against crime and disorder. They are generally responsible for neighborhood, business and street patrols. They respond to everything from car crashes to identity thefts, from robberies to homicides and everything in between. In addition to responding to calls for service, they also proactively enforce traffic laws such as speeding, financial responsibility (insurance) and registration violations. They also serve warrants, locate intoxicated drivers, and help to get guns and drugs off the streets. However, they also spend time as problem solvers, assisting with code enforcement action and citizen complaints. The Patrol Division's mission is to prevent crime and disorder through active enforcement of the laws and problem solving.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of available manpower, the department has moved to a 12-hour patrol shift format.  Patrol is divided into six shifts: Early Days, Late Days Days-Swing and Nights-Swing, Early Nights and Late Nights. This structure ensures that there are always officers on patrol in their assigned districts, even during shift changes. 

Under the 12-hour Shift Format, there are three Squads assigned to both Days and Nights.  Each squad has a Lieutenant who acts as the Shift Commander and Sergeants who act as Shift Supervisors.  There are always at least two patrol supervisors on duty at any given time in addition to the assigned patrol officers.


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