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In the Fall and at other special times of the year children of all ages may wish to enjoy a slow-moving hayride. To ensure the safety of all involved and to provide proper notice, the Pearland Police Department requires that all hayride operators complete a Hayride Authorization Form.

Hayride operators must adhere to the following:

  • Travel no faster than 20 mph when operating the motor vehicle carrying persons younger than eighteen (18) years of age in the open bed of a pickup truck or a flatbed trailer.
  • Display a slow moving vehicle sign, as required by law.
  • Have a vehicle following the hay ride.
  • Follow the traffic pattern posted in the area of the hayride.
  • Maintain and possess proof of financial responsibility as required by law for each vehicle and trailer to be used in the hayride.
  • Have all equipment (lighting, safety chains) on each vehicle and trailer be properly attached and functioning.
  • Keep a copy of the signed Hayride Authorization Form while operating the vehicle during the hayride.

Additionally, hayride operators should:

  • Choose the hayride route carefully, inspecting it for hazards.
  • Make sure the trailer is in good repair with sturdy side panels. Don’t use flatbed-type trailers without rails.
  • Advise riders to be careful when finding a place to sit. A person could easily slip when walking on bales.
  • Prohibit standing or crawling around while the trailer is moving.
  • Prohibit the throwing of any objects—including hay or straw—in or out of the trailer.
  • Supervise the loading or unloading of passengers from the trailer.
  • Make sure that all passengers keep their arms and legs in the trailer.

Download the Hayride Authorization Form here. Contact the Pearland Police Department at 281.997.4100 and request a meeting with an on-duty police supervisor at least 24 hours before the planned hayride.