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The Traffic Enforcement Division was created in October 2003. The purpose behind this division was to deter the occurrence of traffic violations through increased visibility and aggressive enforcement of traffic laws. The traffic division acts as the primary responders to traffic complaints.

The Motorcycle Officers of this division are responsible for the over 440 miles of roadways and 1700 stop signs in the city limits of Pearland. In addition, when school is in session they patrol school zones for 25 schools from Pearland, Alvin and Pasadena ISD. They also work to address violators passing school busses loading and unloading at over 5,000 bus stops which occur daily from busses with the Pearland, Alvin, Fort Bend, Pasadena, Clear Creek and Houston ISD transportation departments.

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement officers of this division are responsible for ensuring that the hundreds of trucks driving in Pearland everyday are operated safely and within federal compliance. These officers also have the primary responsibility for enforcing ordinances and local rules on wrecker services and taxi companies.

The Warrant Officer of this division has the primary duty of locating suspects with City of Pearland Municipal Warrants. To accomplish this, this officer frequents suspects' homes and places of business to locate and arrest the violators. The  Warrant Officer will also serve warrants at violators' schools or any other location they can be found.

The Traffic Division responds to traffic-related complaints and a variety of other incidents. It welcomes citizen input on how best to deploy resources. Many complaints received by the division come from neighborhoods that have experienced a higher volume of traffic due to expansion. With the city growing at a rapid rate, patrol officers are often too busy answering calls for service and have little time to address traffic problems. The availability of the Traffic Division allows the Pearland Police Department to deploy units dedicated to addressing traffic violators.

The Traffic Enforcement Division reports to Sergeant A. Carroll.

Contact Information:

Sgt. A. Carroll