Police Chaplains

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chaplogoThe difficulties faced by both police officers and citizens in confronting issues of public safety have precipitated an increased awareness of a need for assistance from local clergy in solving community and personal problems. To meet these needs the department has developed and maintains both a Pastoral Assistance Program and a Chaplain’s Program.

Through the Pastoral Assistance Program, it will be the policy of the Pearland Police Department to maintain a relationship with volunteer clergy. These volunteer make themselves available for the following:

Referrals upon request, ministerial counseling for people who come in contact with the police, but whose problem does not necessarily fall under the category of law enforcement. Referrals that may include Family Counseling, Counseling of Mentally Disturbed, Potential Suicides, Juvenile Counseling, and Emergency Aid to families in need.

Through the Chaplain’s Program, volunteer Chaplains are one more of many resources which can be of great value in dealing with the myriad of stressful situations that police officers and citizens face.

Contact Information:

Chaplain Coordinator
Sgt. B. Rusk

Senior Chaplain Jerry Skinner

Chaplain Scott Cummings