In an effort to maximize the resources of the Pearland Police Department by reducing excessive false alarms, the City of Pearland is actively enforcing an ordinance to establish reasonable expectations of alarm users and ensure alarm users are held responsible for their use of alarm systems. If you have an electronic burglar alarm system installed within the city limits of Pearland, it must be registered. Auto and medical alarm systems are excluded.

The permit information that you provide gives emergency information to first responders, allowing them to act in case of an actual emergency. Emergencies may include fire; burglary; or medical emergencies where contacting you through your alarm company may cost valuable time. Additionally, the City wants to substantially reduce the number of false alarms that emergency personnel responds to, thereby freeing up emergency personnel to respond to actual emergencies.  The permit process allows us to notify you of false alarms, which may indicate a problem with your system.

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For more information, contact the False Alarm Reduction Unit within the Pearland Police Department.