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The City of Pearland has an established FOG program. This program requires all food service establishments (FSE) connected to the public sewer system to have an approved grease trap/interceptor. Traps/interceptors must be properly sized, installed, and maintained to keep FOG and food debris out of the sewer system.

Food service establishments are at the frontline of FOG prevention due to the amount of food prepared and produced. FSE are facilities that prepare and/or package food or beverages for sale or consumption, on and off site, with the exception of private residences. FSE include, but are not limited to, food courts, food manufacturers, food packagers, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, lounges, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, churches, schools, and any other food service establishment not listed.

The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has also adopted ordinances for waste disposal in other businesses, including: lint traps in dry cleaners and washaterias, grit traps at car washes and oil traps at auto repair shops.

These proactive approaches have been implemented to prevent problems before they occur. Please visit the City of Pearland Municode web site to become familiar with all the ordinances pertaining to your facility.

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