Mission Statement
The mission of the Public Works Right-of-Way Division is to provide reliable, safe and aesthetically pleasing roadways throughout the community, while striving to deliver unparalleled customer service.

The Right-of-Way Division can assist with concerns, complaints and pipeline questions, while the City of Pearland’s Code Enforcement Office can assist in the mowing requests of pipeline easements.

Code Enforcement can be reached at 281.652.1766 or via email 

The Texas Rail Road Commission is the governing entity for all pipelines within the state of Texas.  To report a concern related to a pipeline or pipeline easements, please contact the Texas Rail Road Commission at 877.228.5740 or via email at publicassist@rrc.texas.gov.  The Rail Road Commission’s website is rrc.state.tx.us/

Pipeline construction and maintenance is a routine occurrence within the City limits and major improvement projects often have a direct correlation to the national usage/market for the products being transmitted.

  • Pipeline corridors are typically comprised of two types of property. 1.) contiguous strips of land owned by the utility/pipeline company. 2.) private property owned by a land owner, who has provided an easement to the pipeline company for installation and maintenance of their facilities.
  • Although there is typically one pipeline company responsible for the grounds maintenance (mowing) of the entire pipeline corridor, there may be several pipeline companies occupying the same corridor.
  • Anytime you are excavating, especially near a pipeline, always ensure you have a locate company mark the location of underground utilities. Dial “811” to begin this process through the service Texas811.

Right of Way Management Interactive Map


Eric Hammond
Right of Way Superintendent