Billings and Credits

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Sewer use credits will only be calculated based on actual readings from approved sub-meters or other liquid measuring devices approved by the City.   Sewer use credits will be calculated based upon the difference between the main meter and the sub-meter.  In the case of cooling towers with blowdown sub-meter, sewer use credits will be calculated based upon the difference between the sub-metered feed water and the sub-metered blow down discharge water. 

The City, via its drive-by reading system, will read the sub-meters, where they can be read and calculate the credit on the monthly bill.  Where/when the readings cannot be read, the customer must manually read the meters, record the data on the sub-meter read form provided by the City and return it within two days of the specified read date, by fax to 281.652.1700 or by email to

 The City will not accept estimated reads.  

Failure to submit the readings within the two days may result in the credit being delayed until the following month.  Readings that are submitted more than a month late may result in the loss of the credit for that month. Continued failure to submit on a timely basis could result in dismissal from the program. 

The amount of the credit will be based on sewer rates set by Ordinance by City Council in any given year.  Rates are subject to change.  

No portion of the water measured by the sub-meters will be discharged into the storm sewer system; as such discharge may be illegal under the provisions of the national pollution discharge elimination system.