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Leak Adjustment Checklist

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Leak Adjustment Checklist

To qualify for an adjustment your account must meet the following requirements:

  • The account has been active for at least one year prior to the leak.
  • The consumption during the leak must exceed three (3) times your annual water consumption average.
  • The leak cannot be in a sprinkler system.

If you believe that your account meets the requirements then follow the steps below to submit your request to the Water Billing & Collections department.

  1. Fill out the leak adjustment request form in either location or online.  Leak Adjustment Request Form
  2. Submit the request form and all receipts of the repair of the leak to WB&C.
  3. WB&C will review your account and verify that it qualifies for an adjustment.
  4. You will be contacted in writing of what the decision is within 14 business days.

How We Adjust Qualified Bills for Leaks:

We bill your water on a tier system based on actual water consumption. If your account qualifies for a leak adjustment your account will be adjusted to the first tier.  (Graph and example below)

How We Bill Your Water:




Inside City Limits


Outside City limits

0 - 2000  $15.30 Flat Rate  $22.95 Flat Rate
2,001 - 6,000  $3.94 Per 1,000  $5.91 Per 1,000
6,001 - 15,000  $4.93 Per 1,000  $7.40 Per 1,000
15,001 - 25,000  $5.92 Per 1,000  $8.88 Per 1,000
25,000 +  $7.89 Per 1,000  $11.84 Per 1,000


The example below is based off of water consumption of 28,500 gallons:

Water Usage

 Lastly, here is a helpful checklist on how to detect and chase down leaks.