Sewer Use Credit

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This is a voluntary program and is intended to provide guidance to customers that wish to obtain credit for water that does not enter the City of Pearland sanitary sewer system.

A sewer use credit is available to commercial customers who use water that is consumed or lost in product/production or through evaporation, as illustrated by, but not limited to, cooling towers, boilers, manufacturing or food products. Irrigation use is not included as customers can purchase a separate irrigation meter.

Customers eligible for the credit must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Have a metered water account with the City
  2. Be a named customer on the account
  3. Be able to clearly demonstrate in the application that more than 25 percent of water supplied to your property will not or cannot be returned as wastewater to our public sewer and must be year round vs. seasonal; and
  4. At the customer’s sole expense, install meters or other liquid measuring devices that are accurate and approved by the City to continuously measure:
    • Total wastewater discharged directly into the wastewater system from the premises; or
    • the amount of water used that is not returned to the wastewater system 

Accounts opened for the purpose of sub-metering under this program will not be charged a deposit or charged monthly water/sewer rates.


Sub-metering Requirements

Additional Cooling Tower Requirements

Inspections and Repairs

Billings and Credits