Methodology and response rate

  • Using a mail-out/mail-back methodology typically gets a higher response rate than phone for the same dollars spent. 
  • Selecting households at random within the community to ensure those selected to receive the survey are representative of the larger community.
  • Over-sampling multi-family housing units to improve response from hard-to-reach citizens.
  • Contacting potential respondents three times to encourage response.
  • Providing a pre-addressed, postage-paid return envelope.
  • Weighting the results to reflect the demographics of the population.

Citizen Survey Results


In 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015 the City of Pearland worked with outside vendors to conduct the Citizen Survey. The statistically- valid survey provides an opportunity to connect with community members and gain a better understanding with qualified data of opinions on City services and the perceptions of quality of life. The results are used by Pearland leaders to identify challenges and to plan for and evaluate improvements and to sustain services and amenities for long-term success.

Why use a scientific sample and not survey the entire population?

Just like well-grounded opinion polling in business or public policy, if you get a representative sample to respond for a large group, you can make solid, well-founded decisions based on the representative sample.  Just like when you're doing your sampling of water quality and such, take a dip and you can assume that's true for the whole pool. The representative sample gets people that would not normally come to a City Council meeting or even vote, but live in Pearland.  In addition to the scientific sample, the City made available an online open survey to provide others with a chance to provide feedback as well. The results of that survey are listed below labeled "Supplemental Web Results." Additionally, the City has built in regular opportunities more and more into publications for quick feedback cards, so the representative sample scientific survey is one of several pieces, but one that we should put a good amount of weight towards.

2015 Survey Results

2013 Survey Results

Pearland residents are generally as satisfied as they were two years ago with life in Pearland. More than 90 percent of residents feel the quality of life in their neighborhood and in Pearland overall is good or excellent and residents continue to feel the convenient location is the best thing about Pearland. The random survey of 400 residents was conducted via home telephone last fall. Results of the survey provide valuable feedback in improving the quality of City services. Most services offered by Pearland received high ratings with recreation and water service showing a significant increase in service satisfaction.

Summary Report

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2011 Survey Results

In the 2011, Pearland households were asked to rate several community characteristics and City services through a survey conducted by the Creative Consumer Research. Following are the results:

Summary Report

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