Service Philosophy - The Pearland Way

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The City of Pearland has a long tradition of quality service. Pearland employees are dedicated to being responsive, results-oriented, trust-builders and accountable. Under the leadership and direction of elected officials, the City of Pearland has worked diligently to create a city-wide service philosophy designed to enhance the Quality of Life for those we serve. In 2014, the Pearland City Council emphasized the importance of customer service by setting a policy statement that reads “It is the policy of the City of Pearland to provide excellent services and excellent customer service to the citizens, businesses, and employees of the City."

From that policy, employees were challenged to create a program that set expectations based on criteria identified by the citizens, businesses and employees of the City with the premise that by adhering to these program elements. By educating current and new employees, exceptional service delivery is expected to become a part of the City’s shared work ethic. 

Based on customer feedback, the City’s Service Philosophy, Our Promise, Guest Rights, and Standards were developed by a group of employees then reviewed by another larger group of employees and tested on a group of citizens, business owners, etc. After development, the information was communicated to the Senior Staff within the organization to then be rolled out to existing employees. And then further integrated into the on-boarding of new employees. Many city employees had a part in some phase of program development and implementation. We welcome your comments and feedback concerning the programs and services provided by the City of Pearland. Contact our City Manager to provide feedback at or at 281.652.1662.

Service Philosophy - The City of Pearland is the innovative leader for delivery of quality services. We are all public service professionals committed to providing a culture of excellence in customer service by addressing needs with a caring attitude on a consistent basis. City of Pearland staff will provide knowledgeable, courteous, understanding and efficient service to our guests, citizens, and all internal staff we are privileged to work with. We will strive to deliver quality customer service at a clear, fair and consistent level throughout the organization and focus on continuous improvement.

Our Promise - We will treat everyone just as we wish to be treated by providing:

  • A warm and friendly greeting;
  • Our full attention and sense of importance;
  • Competence, thorough handling, and follow-up;
  • And a sincere ‘thank you.’

Guest Rights

  • Receive reasonable and expeditious, quality service whether at the public counter, in the field, via email, or on the telephone
  • Be treated with respect
  • Be treated professionally and courteously commensurate with the situation
  • Have needs easily understood and identified
  • Have systems and processes clearly explained
  • Expect clean and comfortable work environments
  • Receive knowledgeable and accurate information and responses
  • Have opportunities to give feedback

Acknowledgment to staff for their work on this project: Chris Orlea, Eric Hammond, Jennifer Huhn, Marisa Vazquez, Michelle Graham