Charter Review Commission

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The legal Authority for the Charter Review Commission is found in Section 10.15 of the City Charter. The Commission is composed of five (5) members appointed by the City Council at its first regular meeting in January of every fourth year, beginning with 2005, or more frequently if the City Council deems necessary. Commission members serve for a term of six months. A quorum of three members must be present before the Commission may discuss business.

The Charter Review Commission has three fundamental duties:

Inquire into the operations of the city government under the charter provisions and determine whether such provisions require revision.

Conduct a public hearing to present the Charter Review Commission’s official results to the citizens of the City of Pearland.

Report the findings and proposed charter amendments to the City Council.

A Charter Review Commission prepares recommendations for amendments to the City Charter, while the City Council chooses which, if any, of the proposed amendments will be submitted to the voters in May of each even-numbered year.
Position Term: 6 months – appointed odd numbered years

Charter Review Commission Roster