Electrical Board

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The organization and legal Authority for the Electrical Board is found in the City of Pearland Electrical Ordinance No. 110-G. The Board is composed of four (4) Board members and two (2) ex-officio members. The four members consist of one licensed electrical contractor with at least ten years experience, one licensed electrician with at least five years experience, one person experienced in electrical design, preferably an employee of the local power company, and one registered professional engineer. The two ex-officio members consist of an electrical inspector and the Fire Marshal. The Board members serve for terms of two years. A simple majority of the Board members must be present before the Board can hear and decide cases.

The Electrical Board has three fundamental duties:

To review the electrical code and recommend amendments to the City Council as needed for unusual problems.

To compose and administer examination or appoint an approved testing facility, to determine the issuance of licenses to electrical contractors, master and journeyman electricians.

To interpret the electrical code.

Time Commitment: Meets as needed for approximately 1-3 hours.
Position Term: 2 years
Electrical Board Roster

For meeting or additional information, please contact the Liaison: Scott Williams - 281.652.1644.