Zoning Board of Adjustments

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The organization and legal Authority for the Board of Adjustments in Texas is found in Section 211.008 of the Texas Local Government Code. Texas Boards are composed of five (5) members appointed by the city’s governing body. Board members serve for terms of two years with no term limits. Texas law permits a city to appoint four additional alternative members to serve in the absence of regular Board members. A mandatory quorum of four members must be present before the Board can hear and decide cases.
The Board of Adjustments in Texas has three fundamental powers:

To hear appeals from individuals contesting the decision of a zoning enforcement officer.

To hear and decide special exceptions to the zoning ordinance where the city governing Authority has placed this function in the hands of the Board as opposed to the Zoning Commission. (The term “special exception” is synonymous with the term “conditional use permit.”)

To grant variances from the terms of the ordinance text where unusual conditions make its literal enforcement unjust.

The Board of Adjustments differs from the Planning and Zoning Commission. Unlike the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Adjustments exercises no policy recommendation role, instead it serves in a quasi-judicial capacity. In this regard it is much like a court of law. Appeals from a Board of Adjustments go to a court of record. The appellate process is described in Section 211.011 of the Texas Local Government Code.
Time Time Commitment: Meets the 1st Thursday of each month for approximately 1 hour.
Position Term: 2 years
Alternate Term: 2 years
Zoning Board of Adjustments Roster

For meeting or additional information, please contact the liaison: Martin Griggs, 281.652.1740.