Strategic Priorities

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Pearland City Council has established six Strategic Priorities to provide a framework of long-term goals for the future. The traditional Organizational Chart establishes the functional grouping of employees and the chains of command critical to productivity. However, these Strategic Priorities are designed to guide Pearland to the next level of success, as an economically, financially and structurally sustainable city and a high performing organization by linking long term goals to day-today inputs and outputs; establishing an intentional connection between actions and outcomes. 



Sustainable Infrastructure

Public infrastructure provides the foundation upon which our community is built. Street overlays, sidewalk
installations, ditch-cleaning, water-production and purchases and new project completions are some of the main
functions provided by the City to ensure effective growth, support and maintenance of public infrastructure. These
items are somewhat the unsung heroes of a community. When they are working great, they are seldom noticed.
A growing city like Pearland is still strengthening its “bones” of roads and utilities and must balance the immediate
maintenance needs with the importance of looking ahead.

Fiscally Responsible Government

Operating a fiscally-responsible government entity involves the embodiment of general principles of accountability and transparency into a system of decision-making. The sense of “public trust” prevails over the individual interests of a system’s professionals, executives or elected officials. The amalgamation of checks, balances, and controls provides the expectations for public stewardship and reinforces the City’s commitment to continuous improvement. The ultimate measure of success for Pearland should be how well we account for the use of public funds, and what returns on investment our citizens realize over time.

Healthy Local Economy

Although entities like the Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) and the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) are actively charged with developing our local economy, economic development is really everybody’s business within the City. Parks & Recreation programs help define our community and attract new residents, interactions with the Police Department give assurance that this is a great place to live and do business, fire inspections help prevent problems and protect property, and Community Development responds to inquiries and helps guide projects. Everyone at the City contributes to economic growth because as our local economy grows, so does the City of Pearland.

Engaged Community

Local government officials are custodians of the public trust in ways that should maximize the benefit of taxpayer dollars to its residents and visitors, as well as the corporate and small business partners that make up the commercial entities that reside in our City. Pearland’s government entity will measure its success as an ombudsman for citizen-focused decision-making by making sure that our practices exhibit quality-control, community outreach, public involvement processes, leadership development opportunities for citizens, and accessible public facilities and services.

These practices and outcomes make up some of the aspects of Pearland’s local government that demonstrate how citizens in this expansive cosmopolitan suburb, who have a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds, are the focus of our work. Improving the effectiveness of two-way communication between the citizen and the government entity, and setting high standards for responding to the needs of residents are just a few ways the City fulfills its commitment to citizens. At its best, our City government works with partners in the public and private sectors and looks ahead to citizens of tomorrow while exceeding the expectations of today.

Safe Community

Our organization works every day to maintain a high quality of life by providing a safe and peaceful environment within the City of Pearland for all residents. Police response to crimes should be rapid, capable of determining if a criminal should be cited and/or arrested, assigned to an investigator, and if a prosecutorial response from the judicial body of the jurisdiction is warranted. Both Police and Fire also take extensive proactive approaches to keep the community safe before incidents occur by providing public education, community outreach, and community oriented policing, among other things.

Fires and medical emergencies pose threats to the lives of our citizens and visitors, and the destruction of property that occurs when a structure burns down due to arson, faulty construction, irresponsibility, or age costs our citizens and businesses millions each year. In addition, the potential for loss of lives and property associated with disasters, mainly resulting in floods, compel us to act accordingly where mitigation and planning are concerned. In all, these areas of our function as a local government should provide independent and coordinated levels of service that protect lives and property, for our citizens and those that do business in Pearland.

Quality parks, recreation and events

The City of Pearland strives to be a regional destination by providing exceptional recreation and cultural programming and quality facilities for residents and visitors alike. Success in this area is based on how well our City meets residents’ expectations for quality of life experiences from Parks and Recreation programs, cultural activities, parks, and City facilities. Travel and tourism are key elements of our City’s vibrancy. Attractions bring economic and marketing value to our community, allowing visitors to contribute to the local economy while giving residents recreation and entertainment opportunities right here in Pearland. Business visitors have vibrant restaurants and entertainment to meet and gather. Our hotels, restaurants, locally sponsored events, sports and recreation facilities, and shopping centers must be designed and built with the features that attract visitors and citizens. Our organization actively works to support and enhance the diverse network of cultural and recreation opportunities in our City.