West Pearland Air Quality

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Odor Task Force Page

The City of Pearland has been in contact with residents that live on the west side of Pearland regarding air quality (odor) concerns. This page serves as a resource for residents interested in obtaining information about the investigation of the source of the odor.

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TCEQ Enforcement Letter to Syntech

Update - 1.09.2020 -  TCEQ enclosed a proposed agreed order to expedite enforcement action against Blue Ridge Landfill. The order assesses an administrative penalty of $183,055. TCEQ is proposing a one-time offer to defer $36,611 of the administrative penalty if BRL satisfactorily complies with all the ordering provisions within the time frames listed. Therefore, the administrative penalty to be paid would be $146,444. The order also identifies the violations that are addressing and identifies specific technical requirements necessary to resolve them.

TCEQ Settlement/Enforcement Letter

Update - 12.16.19 - TCEQ  has issued an administrative enforcement order against Syntech Chemicals Omc/ pm September 3, 2019. The technical requires in the order are being tracked by the TCEQ Enforcement Division. 

TCEQ Status of Complaint Letter

Blue Ridge Landfill submitted their revised proposed Odor Control Plan to TCEQ on March 8, 2018.  The plan was subsequently approved by TCEQ on April 10, 2018.

Blue Ridge Landfill Odor Control Plan Approval Letter

Approved Blue Ridge Landfill Odor Control Plan - April 10, 2018


Update - 7.6.17 - The City of Pearland (the City) has authorized the City Attorney and Special Counsel, Baker-Wotring, LLP. and Scott, Ray & Sullivan, PLLC., to file a lawsuit against Blue Ridge Landfill to address environmental concerns. To date, the City has been working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to address these issues and will continue to work with the State of Texas and the TCEQ to address its citizens’ concerns. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available. 

City of Pearland original petition against Blue Ridge Landfill 

TCEQ Agreed Order with BRL 7.7.17

Update - 7.23.18 - On June 13, 2018 The TECQ participated in a town hall forum on the Blue Ridge Landfill odor issue. Questions submitted from audience members have been answered and can be found here:

Blue Ridge Landfill Forum Questions Answered

How you can help

The assistance of residents is necessary in order to improve the quality of data that is being captured by both the City and TCEQ. Many residents are posting the air quality events on Facebook or other social media outlets. Residents should report their issue directly to TCEQ/the City of Pearland. All smells should be reported to the City of Pearland at 281.652.1900. The City is responding to these requests and making customer contact 24/7. Once City staff responds to the complaint, they will drive the area and attempt to document the boundaries of the odor event.  All other environmental complaints regarding odors can be submitted to the TCEQ by calling the Houston Regional Office depending on the type of odor: 

  • Unknown, chemical, or mixed odors/visible emissions/other air issues – Air Section:  713.767.3714
  • Landfill/garbage odor – Waste Section:  713.767.3641
  • Sewage/Wastewater – Water Section:  713.767.3676

All resident complaints must be registered with TCEQ/City of Pearland by an individual, detailing the specific concern in order for the complaints to be effectively handled. If there is an odor, provide an intensity ranking from 1 to 5 (1 being minimal and 5 being extreme). By tracking this information, we can begin to establish a more exact map of the affected areas for each event.

TCEQ's Response Revised Odor Control Plan - December 21, 2017
Memo: West Pearland Air Quality Update - 5.25.16 
Resolution - City of Pearland Resolution, Landfill permit       
Letter from TCEQ regarding City of Pearland Resolution No. R2017-68 - Municipal Solid Waste Permit l 505A
Odor Task Force Minutes
Letter from Hydrex to TCEQ regarding Groundwater Verification Resampling - NEW

City of Pearland - BRL Settlement Agreement

2009 Blue Ridge Landfill Settlement Agreement           Settlement Agreement Background Information

Settlement Agreement Violations

Letter to Blue Ridge & BLR Response Letter

Notifications from Blue Ridge

TCEQ Investigation Reports

TCEQ Air Investigation Reports TCEQ MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Investigation Reports

Compliance Investigations 

Site Assessment

TCEQ Action Notices


TCEQ Water Investigation Reports