Frequently Asked Questions - MUD

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What is a MUD?
MUD is an acronym for Municipal Utility District. Click here to learn more about MUDs in Pearland.


Who is in charge of City MUDs?
A MUD is governed by a Board of Directors elected by property owners in the District. The Board is responsible for managing the District, including, but not limited to hiring a general manager and operator. The Board also manages the financial affairs and purchasing needs of the District.

What services do the MUDs provide?
A MUD generally provides water, sewer and drainage services to the residents in a District. In addition, some MUDs also provide irrigation, solid waste services, and recreational facilities.


What do these services cost?
The costs of services in a MUD varies and depends on the size of the MUD and the amount of water, sewer and drainage improvements constructed within a MUD.


Why do we have an HOA and a MUD?
A MUD is a governmental entity that exists to provide water, sewer and drainage services to the residents of a MUD. An HOA is a board of elected residents that exists to ensure that the collective rights and interests of homeowners are respected and preserved. A homeowners association provides services and amenities to residents (i.e, mowing of common areas and maintenance of recreation areas), protects property value, and meets the established expectations of homeowners.


What is a MUD Surcharge?
A MUD Surcharge  is a monthly contractual obligation between the City and the MUD district, which requires the City to collect from each account based on the meter size.